Neil Sanders



Neil Sanders is a British author and researcher who has made a name for himself investigating the world of conspiracies, mind control, and the occult. With a keen eye for detail and an unrelenting curiosity, he has delved deep into the dark recesses of history to uncover some of the most shocking secrets of our time.


Once deeply entrenched in the world of conspiracy theories, Neil has emerged as a prominent figure in promoting critical thinking, rational discourse and "doing your research".


Sanders' writing is characterized by a meticulous attention to detail and a willingness to follow the evidence wherever it leads, even if it challenges conventional wisdom or challenges our most deeply-held beliefs. Whether you're a seasoned conspiracy theorist or a curious newcomer to the field, his work is sure to leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the world around us.

Brent Lee



Brent Lee's journey is one of transformation from a fervent conspiracist to a beacon of critical thinking and rationality. Brent's fascination with conspiracy theories began early, fuelled by sensationalized media and online forums. For years, he delved deep into various conspiracies, convinced of hidden agendas and shadowy organizations controlling the world.


However, Brent's perspective underwent a profound shift as he embarked on a personal quest for truth. Through tireless research and introspection, he began to question the validity of his beliefs and the evidence supporting them. Slowly but steadily, he emerged from the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories, guided by scepticism and a thirst for genuine knowledge.


Today, Brent Lee is a vocal advocate for critical thinking and evidence-based reasoning. He shares his experiences and insights to help others navigate the murky waters of misinformation and conspiracy theories. Through speaking engagements, writing, and engaging with communities online, Brent seeks to empower individuals to think critically and make informed decisions, fostering a society grounded in reason and understanding

Greg Hall

Co-Host *Movie Nights*


Greg is a writer and director and has been working in the world of indie cinema since his no-budget feature debut, The Plague (2004) received the Katrin Cartlidge Foundation Scholarship from Mike Leigh, who described it as “serious, funny, witty, real, surreal and totally anarchic, very exciting 21st Century cinema”.


The Plague screened at the 48th London Film Festival, toured as part of the BFI Sutherland Trophy Tour 2005 and was broadcast on the BBC. Greg has directed six low budget feature films, four short films and one feature length documentary. His independent imprint Broke But Making Films (BBMF), attracted the patronage of Director Barney Platts-Mills.


Greg's work often deals with themes of poverty, mental health, drug abuse and critiques of the British class system. His work centres working-class voices, using elements of improvisation. Greg has written guest posts online for The Guardian Film Blog, BBC Film Network, Chris Jones (Guerilla Film Makers Handbook) and Raindance Film Festival. Featured interviews include Shooting People (Ben Blaine's Blog), Digital Film Makers Magazine, The Times Online, Exit 6 Film Festival and Cinesud.


As a writer, his latest feature script, crime thriller Villain (2020) was the New York Times Critics Pick of the Week and Number 1 for films on Netflix UK on its release. As a director, Greg's latest short film Baby Boy (2021) had its World Premiere at the BAFTA/ BIFA qualifying Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival, it broadcast on Channel 4 and streamed on All4. After a successful festival run, receiving three awards, the film was released online via Directors Notes.

Joel Hill

Co-Host *Deep Dives*


Joel Hill is the host of "The Conditional Release Program" podcast and is known for his insightful discussions on cults, criminals, and conspiracy theories.


Alongside his co-host Jack the Insider, Hill navigates the netherworld of these dark subjects, offering listeners a unique perspective on the shadowy realms of politics and crime.


Their podcast delves into the complexities of these topics, shedding light on the impact of conspiracy theories on society and politics. Hill's involvement in the podcast showcases his dedication to exploring the darker aspects of contemporary issues and providing engaging content for audiences interested in delving into the underbelly of Australian crime and conspiracy culture.