Herd Immunity

Herd Immunity : The UK Government has strongly denied that it ever considered using the tactic of attaining natural herd immunity for the population as a method to deal with the Covid pandemic – except for the many times that they did admit that this was exactly what they were planning and promoted the idea. Confused? It is confusing – mostly because the UK Government has gone out of its way to handle the pandemic crisis in a rather unique manner – by saying they are doing one thing – following the science, when in fact they are doing the complete opposite.

UK's Mishandling of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Timeline of Negligence and Corruption


• Despite repeated denials, evidence suggests that the UK Government pursued a strategy of achieving natural herd immunity in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, prioritizing economic interests over public health.


• The government's inaction and delayed response, including the transfer of COVID-19 patients to care homes without adequate testing or PPE, contributed to the spread of the virus and the tragic loss of over 150,000 lives.


• Government advisor Dominic Cummings' statement advocating for herd immunity and accepting the potential loss of pensioners highlights the callous disregard for vulnerable populations.


• The awarding of lucrative PPE contracts to companies with close ties to government officials, bypassing standard procurement procedures, raised concerns about corruption and mismanagement of public funds.


• Despite warnings, the government purchased unusable PPE, including gowns that failed to meet safety standards, resulting in significant waste and missed opportunities to protect healthcare workers and the public.


• The involvement of unqualified individuals and companies, such as a pest control supplier securing a £350 million PPE contract, further demonstrates the chaotic and flawed procurement practices.


• The timeline of events reveals a pattern of prioritizing political and economic interests over public health and safety, leading to devastating consequences for the UK population.

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