Pizzagate On Trial

An Eight Part Series (with Joel Hill)

Every tale has two sides, and the mainstream media's portrayal of this particular story has reached many ears. According to them, it involves Democrats running a child trafficking operation from a pizzeria in DC.

However, those who subscribe to this alleged conspiracy often dispute this representation, claiming it is an oversimplification and the scope extends far beyond that narrative. They believe there are numerous unaddressed aspects yet to be discussed.

So, what does the other side of this conspiracy theory entail? What evidence do its proponents believe supports their claims? We listened to their case and conducted extensive research. Now, it's time to put Pizzagate On Trial like it has never been before.

Do emails reveal a secret code and evidence of child trafficking, what is hidden in the basement of Comet Ping Pong, why was Jack Posebiec kicked out of that restaurant, what the hell was on Anthony Weiners laptop, were the NYPD horrified, did Huma Abedin film herself murdering a child, did the FBI uncover a series of symbols used secretly by networks of peadophiles, is there a special code for finding this online, did Owen Shroyer encourage a man to go there with an assault rifle, what is spirit cooking, did Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones uncover an elite occult ritual, what is frazzledrip, what are the red shoes, do the elites reveal their predilictions through art, how was Anthony Bourdain dragged into all of this - dare to find out - Some Dare Call It Conspiracy