A Daytrip To Davos! WEF and the Great Reset

Guest: The Sarcastic Barman


Many are massively peeved at the plans of the WEF - should you be

Will you own nothing and be happy, will you live in a pod and eat insects, what is the great reset, what are the nefarious plans of Klaus Schwab, what the hell is he wearing, has he laid out his nefarious plot in a series of books or are they dull as dishwater, what is stakeholder capitalism, was the pandemic planned by the WEF, have they penetrated the cabinets of the world, who are the young global leaders, are we going to see a Chinese style social credit score introduced - all this and the best tv drug dealer based analogy that you will ever hear - dare to find out - all of this and much more on Some Dare Call It Conspiracy