Joel Hill Interviews Brent Lee

Conditional Release Program & Some Dare Call It Conspiracy - The Crossover Episode One

The Evolution of Skepticism: From Conspiracies to Reality

A Dive into the Minds of Former Conspiracy Theorists


In this episode of "Some Dare Call It Conspiracy," hosts Joel Hill and Brent Lee offer an enlightening conversation on the evolution of their beliefs. Once ardent believers in the most intricate conspiracy theories, they unpack the reasons behind their paradigm shift and share their present-day viewpoints.


Confronting QAnon and Past Conspiracy Beliefs

Joel and Brent engage in a raw discussion about their past adherence to theories like QAnon, juxtaposing these beliefs with historical events such as the Iraq War and the 9/11 attacks. Their conversation boldly displays the complexity of reconciling previously held conspiracy ideas with the stark reality of known facts, emphasizing the growth they've experienced in sifting fact from fiction.


Revisiting Aliens and Science Fiction

Aliens have long been a staple in the conspiracy theory world. From Roswell and Area 51 to Brent's past belief in ancient aliens and interdimensional visitors, the hosts explore these extraterrestrial narratives. They contrast these tales with Brent's personal spiritual journey and revelation in Christianity, highlighting how personal experiences shape beliefs about the unknown.


Fluoride Fears and the Value of Fact-Checking

The fluoride debate gets its due spotlight, as the hosts reflect on England's approach to water treatment and the surrounding conspiracy theories, such as Hitler's alleged use of fluoride and its toxicity. They recognize the importance of fact-checking in such discussions, noting their own admission of previously pushing theories without the rigorous background research.


9/11 and the Shift from Conspiracy to Clarity

The hosts delve into their personal beliefs surrounding the 9/11 attacks, showcasing their departure from the conspiracy theorist community's narratives of controlled demolitions to acknowledging the reality of hijacked planes. This segment serves as a testament to their willingness to face difficult truths head-on, even when it challenges their political biases.


Distrust in Big Pharma: A Critical Look

Pharmaceutical skepticism is a theme that resonates strongly with Joel and Brent. While they critique the capitalist system's profit motives, especially regarding vaccines and cancer treatments, they also acknowledge the contradictions in public trust toward pharmaceutical companies. They emphasize the need for questioning and transparency in the healthcare industry without resorting to harmful baseless conspiracy theories.


Identity, Politics, and the Conspiracy Mindset

Navigating the murky waters of conspiracy and politics, the hosts recount their past struggles with aligning their leftist and rational viewpoints with the enticement of conspiracy narratives. They shed light on how these narratives, often intertwined with political ideologies, can manipulate public perception and affect personal relationships.


Final Reflections: A Journey of Personal Growth

In closing, Joel and Brent extend love and blessings to their listeners while reflecting on their transformative journey. Emphasizing their move away from extremist ideologies, they advocate for building a more inclusive and understanding dialogue around controversial topics.



Throughout this episode of "Some Dare Call It Conspiracy," Joel Hill and Brent Lee courageously unravel the threads of their prior conspiracy theory convictions. Their candid discussions about aliens, fluoride, and major world events serve as a roadmap of their advancement from suspicion to skepticism to sound reasoning. The hosts not only offer a deep dive into their personal beliefs but also urge listeners to foster critical thinking, embrace change, and have the courage to entertain a thought without accepting it.


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00:00 Excited for new content, discussing research impact.

05:43 Rehabilitation programs contrast with conspiracy theories.

13:50 Teenage experience shapes anti-war stance during 2003.

17:47 9/11 trauma led to political and empathy disconnect.

22:24 Discovery of 911 on TV early morning

31:24 QAnon conspiracy theory with real-time consequences.

34:15 Explored various religious places, talked to believers.

37:55 Implanting ideas, agnostic, socialist Jesus concept.

47:57 Critical view on capitalism and pharmaceutical industry.

51:42 Pharma exec admits no transmission test conducted.

56:34 Outrage over vaccine-related deaths; plea for empathy.

01:02:09 Contrails in UK skies are abundant, terrifying.

01:08:41 Fluoride risk, laws, differences in water fluoridation.

01:10:18 Avoid unnecessary spending on bottled water.

01:19:58 Unaware traveler encounters train explosion and inconvenience.

01:21:43 Mother knew my Oxford plans, internet cafe.

01:28:06 Michael Moore's work led to leftist views.

01:36:15 Refusing to engage in partisan discussions, family divide.

01:38:54 Started political involvement at young age, with connections.

01:44:32 Creating a special galaxy, expressing beliefs, reflection.

01:49:51 Self-imposed prisoner of own beliefs, dangerous connections.

01:56:49 Warning: Australian-centric content, deep dives, dumb pandemic.