Cambridge Analytica

Hello! We've got a Some Dare Call It Conspiracy extra portion for you here.. this is a blogcast that Neil recorded a while ago and it's a bit of an interesting one. At the time Neil was still dangling his feet in the conspiracy world quite heavily. At that time, the EU was considered in the conspiracy narrative, the worst thing of all time. It was a stepping stone to the New World Order, it was tyrannical, imposing all sorts of laws on us and making our lives particularly hellish. During this journey, Neil discovered that wasn't particularly true. So the interesting thing about this blogcast series, is how at the beginning Neil is pandering to the Conspiracy audience whilst actually finding information from the conspiracy influencers to not be true. It also includes Mind Control, Manipulation Programs, Media Manipulaition, Think Tanks, The Oil Industry, stolen elections and all the stuff that should have appealed to the conspiracists, but in this case, didn't at all because it didn't fit their narrative. This is the story of Cambridge Analytica, a true conspiracy largely ignored by the conspiracy crowd.

Cambridge Analytica: A Plot to Flood Alternative Media with Right-Wing Propaganda


• Cambridge Analytica, a mysterious group funded by billionaire Robert Mercer, has been accused of using psychological warfare tactics to influence elections and promote far-right propaganda disguised as alternative media.


• Mercer, a former CEO of hedge fund firm Renaissance Technologies, invested heavily in Breitbart, a right-wing media organization, and financed Steve Bannon, who later became Breitbart's chief editor and a top aide to President Trump.


• Cambridge Analytica, co-founded by Mercer's friend Nigel Oakes, merged with British Military Psy-Ops firm SCL, which boasts of using psychological means to achieve behavioral change in populations and claims to be able to manipulate election outcomes.


• The company's board members include British intelligence officials, psychological warfare specialists, weapons manufacturers, and elites with links to the British establishment.


• Cambridge Analytica's methods are considered a psychological weapon and are subject to export control by the British Government, requiring approval before deployment.


• Their strategy involves spreading propaganda, leveraging fake enemies, and exploiting personal data to target specific individuals with personalized advertising campaigns and sock puppet accounts, aiming to manipulate their emotional responses and influence their thoughts.


• Cambridge Analytica's tactics have been used in electoral campaigns in Africa, America, and Europe, with a focus on heightening fears of Islam and exaggerating existing concerns to influence voters' behavior.

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